Boxer Prize

Boxer Prize is a brand new redemption Boxer. This machine awards players with gifts from the prize door when certain scores are hit. Optional 2" round capsule dispenser is avaliable for smaller gifts when high score is reached. Free gifts encourage players to play more, so the Boxer generates better income. The bright cabinet with LED lights draw attention and persuade players to try this game. This model is perfect for entertainment centers, fun fairs, amusement parks, festivals as well as bars and night clubs.

Handicap version available.

  • Height: 85" / 217 cm
  • Width: 28.5" / 72 cm
  • Depth: 52" / 132 cm
  • Power Usage:
    • Idle State: 21.6 Watts (0.17A - 0.19A)
    • Peak Usage: 426 Watts (3.5A - 3.6A)
  • Weight Netto: 342 lb / 155 kg**
  • Weight Brutto: 435 lb / 197 kg**

** For freight purposes please add the weight of the palette and/or other packing materials. 
Standard crate dimensions: width 41" x length 52" x height 93".