The HAMMER is a coin-operated hit strength testing machine. Measure how hard a player can hit the cylinder using a mallet (rubber hammer).

The special design is suitable to everybody: kids, women and men in all types of locations. Measurement of hit power is shown on digital display. The two lines of LED's on each side of machine will also show results.

Handicap version available.

    • Height: 96" / 243 cm
    • Width: 32" / 81 cm
    • Depth: 58" / 147 cm
    • Weight Netto: 331 lb / 150 kg

  • Weight Brutto: 441 lb / 200 kg**

**For freight purposes please add the weight of the palette and/or other packing materials.
Standard crate dimensions: width 41" x length 104" x height 63".