Wheel Of Boxing

Wheel of Boxing not only gives a player a joy of the game but also guarantees the winning prize or extra free credits. This boxer is based on the idea of the TV game "Wheel of fortune". This Boxer can easily be programmed and at the same time it has many more functions than the standard boxer.

The new shape of cabinet guarantees maximum safety for a player during the game. Beautifully multicolored cabinet, new attractive look of the front panel and bright LED lights attract players to play, play and play?

Handicap version available.

  • Height: 85" / 217 cm
  • Width: 28" / 70 cm
  • Depth: 51" / 130 cm
  • Power Usage:
    • Idle State: 21.6 Watts (0.17A - 0.19A)
    • Peak Usage: 426 Watts (3.5A - 3.6A)
  • Weight Netto: 276 lb / 125 kg**
  • Weight Brutto: 435 lb / 197 kg**

** For freight purposes please add the weight of the palette and/or other packing materials. 
Standard crate dimensions: width 41" x length 52" x height 93".